It is imperative that you read and fully understand our terms and conditions before contracting us (The A-List Creatives) for projects. Please note that The A-List Creatives my alter Terms or change without notice.


Client agrees to pay 50% NON REFUNDABLE deposit before work is started.
No booking slot will be held without 50% non refundable deposit.
The remaining balance is paid upon completion of project. All final files will be sent ONLY after balance is paid.
100% NON REFUNDABLE payment on text based and image based logos
Projects priced below $250 MUST BE PAID IN FULL.
Projects including print work must be paid in full. If not paid in full, no printing will begin until balance is paid.
All unpaid invoices will be cancelled after 24 hours. No exceptions.
The project deposit is non refundable, and our TERMS OF SERVICE serves as your contract. Once Invoice is paid, or payment is made via our site, you are agreeing to the terms of service listed here.
If a project is cancelled by the client, the deposit serves as a cancellation fee.
There is NO refund after the project has begun. If work has been started, there will be no refund.
Print projects must be paid in full before prints production begins.
Print projects will be sent to print ONLY after payment is received. There are NO refunds unless printer is at fault.
Files are sent with watermarks until final payment is received.
Files are sent in JPEG and PNG format only.


Graphic Design project turn around time may range from 1-24 days, depending on current workload.
LOGO DESIGN (text and image based) projects turn around time may range from 5-14 business days. This does not include revision time.
WEB DESIGN projects turn around time may range from 2 - 8 weeks. This does not include revision time.
If there is a delay with your information where we cannot start or continue with your project, we are not responsible for any time issues or delays.
You (the client) must provide all info requested for project in a timely manner. If there is a delay on your end, the turn around time changes. We are not responsible for any time management issues.
If the client fails to respond for any reason during project, the project will be voided or marked completed. At this time, any payment made will be considered a cancellation fee, and will NOT be refunded. 
After 15 days of no communication, there will be a $25 restoration fee, or we may choose not to restart the project for whatever reason. Any payment made will NOT be refunded as project was started, and neglected by client. 
If over 30 days, your project is forfeited, and no refund shall be issued.
All requested information must be emailed/ submitted before project begins. We understand that gathering information takes time, so your project start time will not begin until all info is acquired.


You are granted 3 free revisions. Once all 3 are used, a fee of $5 (per revision) will be invoiced to you.
If you confirm a sample (and it was finalized), unused revisions will expire immediately.
If changes are needed, you must purchase more revisions.
We do NOT work on the weekend or holidays. We ask that you respect our down time.
We do NOT email, text or call outside of business hours.
We have the right to decline any projects.